Pickleball Court Painting


When your pickleball court starts showing signs of wear and tear, you know it's time for a revamp. Whether it's cracks that hinder your gameplay or faded lines that make scoring a point of contention, your court deserves the best care to keep you enjoying your game to the fullest. Resurfacing, painting, and repair aren't just about aesthetics; they are crucial for safety and performance, ensuring that every serve, volley, and smash is as accurate as possible.

At AG Sports Surfaces, we understand your need for a top-notch pickleball court. With over 20 years of experience in installing tennis courts for homeowners, schools, parks and recreation, and commercial settings in Indiana, we bring unparalleled expertise and dedication to every project. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and delivering a product that meets your highest expectations. Let us help you make your pickleball court the best it can be.

Pickleball Court Resurfacing

When it comes to Indiana pickleball court resurfacing, we set the standard for excellence. Over time, even the best-maintained courts can experience wear and tear that impacts the quality of your games. Whether it's pooling water after a rainstorm, uneven surfaces that affect ball bounce, or small cracks that could lead to slips and falls, your court will eventually need attention. That's why resurfacing is such an important consideration for any dedicated pickleball enthusiast in Indiana.

The resurfacing process is more than a quick fix; it's a comprehensive revitalization of your court. After conducting an in-depth assessment to pinpoint specific issues, our team sets out to provide a customized solution tailored to your needs. This can include crack repair, surface leveling, and applying specialized coatings designed for both durability and optimal playability. Indiana pickleball court resurfacing is about taking a proactive approach to maintain the integrity and performance of your playing area.

Investing in high-quality resurfacing offers several advantages, including improved traction, a consistent ball bounce, and an extended lifespan for your court. As the go-to specialists for Indiana pickleball court resurfacing, we're committed to delivering a court that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. A newly resurfaced court elevates your playing experience, allowing you to enjoy each game to the fullest and making every match more exhilarating than ever.

Indoor pickleball courts that have been resurfaced

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Pickleball Court Repair

When it comes to Indiana pickleball court repair, especially focusing on cracks, addressing the issue promptly is vital for both safety and playability. Cracks aren't just an eyesore; they can also create a hazard for players, disrupt the flow of the game, and eventually lead to more extensive damage. Whether you're dealing with minor hairline fractures or more significant, complex cracks, timely repair ensures that your court stays in optimal condition.

Our Indiana pickleball court repair service begins with a thorough evaluation of your court's condition. This enables us to identify the appropriate repair methods for the cracks in question. For smaller cracks, we utilize high-quality fillers to seamlessly mend the surface, while larger cracks may require more involved procedures like patching or even partial resurfacing. Our aim is to restore your court to a condition where the repaired areas blend seamlessly with the existing surface, ensuring consistent ball bounce and player safety.

Ignoring cracks can result in more extensive, and more expensive, damage over time, potentially requiring a full court resurfacing. That's why timely crack repair is not just a stopgap measure, but an integral part of comprehensive court maintenance. As experts in Indiana pickleball court repair, we're committed to extending the lifespan of your investment, providing a smooth and safe surface that allows you to enjoy your game to the fullest. Trust in our specialized repair services to give you peace of mind every time you step onto the court.

Pickle Ball Court being repaird
backyard pickleball court and basketball court


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your pickleball court. Not only does it enhance the appearance, but it also plays a critical role in defining accurate lines for gameplay. It can be frustrating and confusing when the lines on your court are faded or peeling, making it difficult to judge whether a shot is in or out. Our Indiana pickleball court painting service focuses on using high-quality, durable paint designed for outdoor sports surfaces, ensuring that your court looks vibrant and stays well-marked for an extended period.

Now, what if you already have a tennis court and are interested in pickleball? Good news! You can convert your existing tennis court into a dual-purpose court that accommodates both tennis and pickleball. This conversion involves carefully marking out the dimensions for a pickleball court within the existing tennis court boundaries and painting the lines accordingly. It's a cost-effective way to expand your recreational options without the need for additional land or significant restructuring. This dual-purpose court offers flexibility, allowing you to switch between tennis and pickleball with ease, making it an ideal solution for schools, parks, and homeowners who want to make the most of their sports facilities.

Backyard & Temporary Pickleball Courts

You don't necessarily need a formal court to enjoy a game of pickleball. If you have any flat surface like a driveway or a parking lot, we can turn that into your new favorite place to play. Our Indiana pickleball court painting service is perfect for creating makeshift courts on a variety of surfaces. The idea is simple yet transformative: well-placed, professional court markings can turn your empty space into a pickleball haven.

One of the advantages of painting court markings on existing flat surfaces is that it's a cost-effective way to indulge in your love for the game. There's no need for extensive construction or high costs associated with building a new court from scratch. Whether it's your driveway at home or a spare lot in your community, our expert team can evaluate the space, advise on the best layout, and then paint the court markings to fit. The paint we use is high-grade and specifically designed for outdoor sports applications, ensuring durability and clear visibility.

The end result is a convenient, practical way to bring the game into your everyday life without the hefty price tag of constructing a new court. And just because it's not a 'traditional' court doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. With our precise measurements and painting techniques, you'll have a court that not only looks great but also offers an excellent playing experience

temporary pickleball court in buildingTemporary pickleball court on a tennis court
Finishing touches on a pickleball court with new surface


At AG Sports Surfaces, we bring over 20 years of expertise and a commitment to excellent customer service to every project we undertake. Our goal is to make your pickleball court a source of pride and enjoyment, whether it's a professional pickleball court installation, a quick repair, or a clever conversion of existing space. So why settle for less when your court could be at its best?

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and find out how we can elevate your pickleball experience to new heights. Let's make your dream court a reality.

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