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At AG Sports Surfaces, we bring your dream of having the perfect pickleball court to life right in the heart of Champaign. Whether you're a homeowner looking to add a fun and engaging activity space, an HOA aiming to enhance community facilities, a Parks & Recreation department focused on promoting outdoor activities, or a school looking to develop students' interest in sports, we're here to help.

Our expertise lies in creating high-quality pickleball courts from scratch, breathing new life into existing courts through professional resurfacing, and ensuring your court remains in top condition with expert repair services. We understand the joy that a well-constructed pickleball court can bring to any community or backyard, and we're dedicated to providing personalized, effective solutions that meet your unique needs. Let's make your pickleball court project a reality with AG Sports Surfaces, where quality meets passion in every project we undertake.

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Pickleball Court Installation

At AG Sports Surfaces, we turn your pickleball court vision into reality in Champaign. Catering to homeowners, HOAs, schools, and recreational facilities, we ensure your new court is a beacon of activity. Our approach starts with understanding your specific needs and site characteristics, from court orientation for optimal play to choosing durable surface options for longevity.

We manage every step, from ground prep to surfacing and optional fencing and lighting, aiming to exceed your expectations by creating a safe, durable court for all skill levels. Utilizing top-quality materials and construction techniques, AG Sports Surfaces promises a seamless installation process, making your pickleball court a standout addition to your property with an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction.

Pickleball Court Resurfacing

Your pickleball court is where excitement happens, but even the best courts show signs of wear and tear over time. That's where AG Sports Surfaces steps in. We specialize in giving your pickleball court in Champaign a complete makeover, ensuring it looks and plays like new. Our resurfacing process is thorough, addressing everything from minor cosmetic flaws to significant playability issues.

We start by assessing your court's current condition and identifying areas that need attention. Our team then meticulously prepares the surface, filling in any imperfections and ensuring a smooth base for the new surface. We use only the highest quality materials, guaranteeing a finish that looks fantastic and is durable and long-lasting.

But resurfacing isn't just about aesthetics; it's about performance too. We tailor the court's surface to suit your specific play style, whether you're seeking a faster game or more bounce. Our experts also repaint lines, making them crisp and clear, enhancing your court's look and functionality.

New pickleball in city park
Nine new pickle ball courts installed in local park

Pickleball Court Repair

AG Sports Surfaces is here to rejuvenate your cherished Champaign pickleball court, returning it to its pristine condition. Our all-encompassing repair solutions tackle everything from significant fissures to surface sanitization and accurate line delineation, not just fixing but revitalizing your court. By addressing the root causes of deterioration, we offer remedies that prolong your court's health and enhance the game for everyone. Once refurbished, your court will beckon players of every age to unite to display competitive spirit and fellowship.

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In Champaign, where pickleball resonates deeply within the community's core, AG Sports Surfaces stands ready to elevate your playfield. Our unwavering commitment to crafting unparalleled sports surfaces underscores our service. If you're poised to turn your location into a paragon of pickleball excellence, we invite you to connect with us for a complimentary site evaluation. Embark on this journey to excellence with us, crafting a court that doesn't just fulfill but surpasses your aspirations. Dial AG Sports Surfaces today and kickstart the voyage toward your dream pickleball court in Champaign.

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