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Welcome to AG Sports Surfaces, where unmatched expertise meets the vibrant spirit of Decatur to bring you the finest in tennis court installations, resurfacing, and repairs. As a leading provider in this niche, we pride ourselves on blending technical excellence with a deep understanding of our clients' unique needs. Whether you're a homeowner looking to add a touch of luxury to your property, an HOA aiming to enhance communal amenities, a Parks & Recreation department focused on enriching public spaces, or a school seeking to inspire the next generation of athletes, we are here to turn your vision into a reality.

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Tennis Court Installation

The journey to owning your dream tennis court starts here. With AG Sports Surfaces, you're not just getting a court but creating a bespoke sports arena that perfectly complements your space and lifestyle. Our installation process is thorough and thoughtful, ensuring that every aspect of the court, from its foundation to its surface, is designed to deliver the best possible playing experience. We consider local Decatur conditions, your specific usage requirements, and aesthetic preferences to construct a court that’s a player’s paradise and a lasting investment.

Tennis Court Resurfacing

A well-maintained court is the cornerstone of tennis enjoyment and performance. Our resurfacing services are tailored to breathe new life into your existing courts. Utilizing the latest in surface technology and materials, we address wear, weathering, and age, restoring your court's aesthetics and playability. Our meticulous approach ensures that every resurfaced court meets professional standards, providing a seamless playing experience and revitalizing your love for the game.

Tennis Court Repair

Attention to detail is crucial in maintaining the integrity of your tennis court. From comprehensive crack repair to deep cleaning and precise line painting, our repair services are designed to address every aspect of court wear and tear. Employing advanced techniques and the finest materials, we ensure each repair fixes the issue at hand and contributes to the court's overall longevity and performance. Our commitment to excellence means your Decatur court will remain a beacon of beauty and functionality.

At AG Sports Surfaces, we understand that a tennis court is more than just a playing surface; it's a gathering place for friends and family, a training ground for athletes, and a valuable community asset. Our dedication to delivering excellence in every project we undertake is matched by our passion for tennis and our commitment to the Decatur community. Whether you’re initiating a new installation, seeking to restore a cherished court, or needing expert repairs, we are here to ensure your project is executed with precision, care, and respect for your specific needs.

Embark on your tennis court journey with AG Sports Surfaces and discover why we are Decatur's preferred choice for tennis court construction, resurfacing, and repair. Let us help you create a space where every serve, volley, and match point is a moment to remember.

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